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Moroccan Artisan

Berber, first inhabitants of Morocco, were the precursors in the field of the small business sector especially in the work of the wool with carpets, iron and silver with jewels as well as various utensils and the clay with potteries. Be allowed transport, the time of half-day, in this world fills with stories and with traditions.


  • The Medina Cocco Polizzi :
  • The medina of Agadir was replaced, having been destroyed during the earthquake of 1960, to Bensergao by a new and spectacular arrangement which respect the art of the thousand-year-old stone developed in the Anti-Atlas and the Atlas. The medina bears moreover the name of his Italian architect: coconut Polizzi.

    Constructed of stones, lands and wood resulting from neighbouring municipalities, the medina of Agadir gathers a large number of jobs, craft businesses, restaurants or still coffees which the visitors can discover in the progress of its alleys.

  • Home-made Berber souk :
  • You will find the best of the Moroccan small business sector generally and the Souss in particular. Every visitor can find its taste there and will be amazed by the choice of the quality of the objects which are exposed to it. Indeed, the Berber souk of Agadir works with cooperatives, architects while favoring the rural area.

    In the morning from 9:00 AM till 12:00 AM OR the afternoon from 2:30 PM till 6:30 PM