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Guelmim & Sidi Ifni

Come to admire the door of Sahara, important place of trade and exchange between the sedentary population and the nomads of the desert: Guelmim. The latter is considered as sheltering the biggest weekly market of camels of Morocco. Open your mind to a new culture: that of the Sahrawi Bedouin.


Departure towards 7 o'clock in the morning direction Guelmim. Hidden behind the dry slopes of Anti Atlas, Guelmim is considered the door of western Moroccan Sahara and former stage of the caravanners on the road towards Timbuktoo. On arrival, you will discover the souk of dromedaries, market which makes dreamed more than a tourist. You will see taking place then under your eyes a picturesque scene in a joyful atmosphere, and cleanly local.

You will have then the opportunity to admire one of the most beautiful oases of Morocco: the Oasis of Tighmert. This pure natural place clears a particular atmosphere which you should not miss and will reveal to you the big authentic history of the region through the daily lifestyle of the inhabitants and the ancestral values of the famous "blue men".

Having filled up with memorable memories, direction Tighmert or Sidi Ifni to have lunch (at your expense).

Sidi Ifni is on the south Atlantic Coast of Morocco, between cities of Tiznit and Guelmim what makes of her the Atlantic door of Sahara. Change of landscape! Admire now the luxurious coastal road between Sidi Ifni and Aglou.