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Legzira beach

Situated in 150 km in the South of Agadir, Legzira is one of the most beautiful beaches of Morocco. She offers breathtaking landscapes due to waves appreciated by the surfers but also, and especially, by her arcs astronomical of rocks and lands red were sculptured by the sea. This isolated and desert beach offers you a landscape as impressive as magic in contact with the Moroccan nature.


Morning 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

During the route, you will have the opportunity of you stop(arrest) on the beaches(ranges) of Aglou and Mirleft. Once arrived on the beach(range) of Legzira, you can take advantage of the landscape as you think best:

sunbathe on the fine sand, swim in the clear water... A pleasure for eyes not to be missed. Taste(savour), for the lunch, an assortment of grilled fishes of the season. For return, it is possible to pass by the city of Tiznit.