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Strengthened attic Imchguiguilne

Amateur of heritage? Come to discover the authentic attic strengthened of 700-year-old Imchguiguiln ! Absentees of the program of tours operators, this Agadir (attic strengthened in Berber) rest little known of the tourists. We give you the opportunity to go off to explore these heritage of exception. !


Authentic Agadir Imchguiguiln would spread its most former roots until the year 1244 : it would thus be contemporary Crusades.

couple of guard stays up these heritage : Mbataka Ben Homer and his wife Saadia Machaidou. These two people of Berber origin will supply you with numerous interesting details about this strengthened attic.

The latter distinguishes itself by its stone construction of high quality, which is noticeable dice the outside wall and confirms gloriously inside the vast corridor trained by 2 impressive rows of compartments which served to reassure the harvests and the properties : it is the heart of Agadir.

Before leaving, think of giving a young something to the guards, it is their bread job!

In the morning from 8:00 AM till 1:00 PM OR After noon from 2:00 PM till 6:30 PM