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Oasis Aït Mansour & Tafraout

Tafraout is considered as her small business sector of slippers but also as the myriad of rocks of diverse forms raised over a palm grove which shelters argan trees, almond trees or still olive trees which surround it. It is in 30 km in the South of Tafraout that is the magnificent gorges of Aït Mansour which you will have the opportunity to visit.


Departure early in the morning (7 hours) direction Tiznit to set off towards Tafraout. You will stop for a small break on the Collar of Kerdous (on 1100 m of height) to admire the magnificent panoramic view. You will take back the road towards the luxurious gorges of Aït Mansour by crossing the village Jemaa Ida Oussemlal and Izerbi.

And there, a magic show offers itself to you. The gorges of Aït Mansour open by a multicolored canyon in a stony desert surrounded with immense flames of rock which dominate places.

Suddenly, gorges are transformed into an oasis generous and overflowing with life sneaking along the oued between palm grove and villages. It is certainly about the most beautiful oasis of Morocco.

Having treated your eyes and fill up with memorable memories, you will go to treat your stomach to Tafraout where you will taste a delicious meal (at your expense). During the route, do not lose a crumb of the wonderful landscapes which parade under your eyes: almond trees in flowers, pink granite of mountains, Berber villages … It is during the afternoon when we shall return to Agadir via Aït Baha.